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Who am I?

My name is Hannah Grantham, I have always been passionate about animals, I love sharing my life with them. I have owned and loved many pets:


  • Clover, my horse who is now enjoying her retirement on my Mum's farm

  • Bert and Ernie, two Guinea Pigs who are no longer with us

  • Jinx and Harley, our two cats, Harley we sadly lost, and Jinx is alive and well at 12 years old

  • Salt and Pepper, our two female ferrets who are no longer with us

  • Boo and Fluke, our Border x Lakeland terriers. Boo is 10 and Fluke is 6, both healthy happy dogs. Both Grade 7 in Agility, and still competing.


The idea of Paw x Paw Pet Services began In 2005, when I met a little brown puppy, who changed my life forever. This little brown terrier was eventually called 'Boo' and immediately took over our lives. I had grown up with family dogs and other pets, but was not prepared for the responsibility and unconditional love that came with owning your own dog.


Boo wriggled and bounced her way into our home and my heart! She became part of the family, a very important part. Having a full time office job, and looking after Boo was hard work. However I was very lucky that I lived only five minutes from where I worked, so going home at lunch time was never an issue for me.


Together, Boo and I discovered many activities to enjoy. We had a go at everything, obedience, flyball, companion dog shows, even terrier racing! Then we discovered Agility and we loved it!


Since then we have competed in agility together, and  even competed at Crufts 2013.


In 2009 we were joined by another little brown puppy, who became known as Fluke, who competed in agility and reached the top grade by following in Boo's paw prints. Time has now caught up with my two terrier girls, they are now retired from agility and enjoying the good life.

However, our family was added to in 2017, when a very wriggly bouncy working cocker spaniel joined us. Rush is now competing and has qualified for numerous finals within her first year of doing so. 

In agility we are a team, but mainly we are a family!


Paw x Paw Pet Services & Agility Training

I love sharing my life with my dogs and other pets, I have always been very lucky that my full time office job was only five minutes away from where I lived. It was easy for me to go home at lunch and spend time with my dogs. Not everyone is that lucky!


So Paw x Paw Pet Services was born, I wanted to provide a service that enabled people to share their lives with a pet, experience the joys and unconditional loyalty and love a pet can give you. A service that ensured that working full time or any other reason, would not stop you from the pleasure of owning a pet. Something I feel very passionate about, animals are a wonderful addition to our busy lives, they relieve stress and keep us healthy.


Something I feel everyone should experience!


Paw x Paw Agility Training was set up so that I could share my passion for dog agility and the seven years of knowledge I have gained whilst participating in the sport. 


I wanted to help others enjoy agility with their dogs, and I truly believe that dog agility improves the the bond you and your dog have, plus the mental and physical health of all dogs, and humans.


Agility is great fun for you and your dog, be warned though.... its addictive!

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